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Real Estate SEO is the correlation of several techniques all working together to produce quality ranking. Ranking for your money keywords will bring traffic to your website. Traffic will process into leads with the proper handling. Here at Web Design and SEO of Carolinas we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest of the competition out there. Having Real Estate experience gives us the upper hand when dealing with real estate websites. We understand what is needed and required to work with real estate clients. Most Realtors® work within a local area and target local real estate. We have engineered a system for real estate MLS. Making sure that your MLS listings are ranking in the search engines is our highest priority.

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Setting up your website properly is of the utmost importance. We work with your data that makes you money. Our goal is to increase your traffic for your money keywords. Making your website produce money is all on you the client. As a real estate SEO firm, we will handle all the necessary procedures to develop your website to produce fruit. Our goal for our clients is to educate them on the proper techniques that will produce leads. There are many different parts to a successful SEO plan. Putting all these parts together and working them to produce leads is the challenge for SEO and clients.

We will gather information from you the client and develop a plan for your business for us and you to follow.  We work with many agents trying to conquer the real estate industry. It all starts at the beginning of your websites creation. Like building a house you must have a strong foundation to build on.

Real Estate website designs,Real Estate website designs,SEO for real estate IDX websites

Whether you’re starting a new site or have one now we can mold your site to produce leads. We have proof of past and present clients in this year 2016 that shows our SEO at work. Google has changed many things this year that has effected the way all websites rank in the search engines. Real estate websites are effected the same way. Real estate websites are very different than a regular website. Difference being, they have many keyword phrases. As the average website, may have close to a hundred keywords. (maybe)(e-COMMERCE IS ALSO AN EXCEPTION) Our real estate clients have anywhere from 400-700 keywords ranking in Google. (and still adding keywords)The key is to constantly increase your keywords. More keywords translates into higher visibility. The higher the visibility the more traffic to your website. Without traffic no leads.

Ranking is also considered visibility which you want a lot of. Your visibility needs to be on page 1 and 2 of Google. (We include page 2 because we all know that Zillow, and others usually hog the first page.)Ranking takes time to nurture and produce page 1 and 2 rankings. Having a solid ground game from us will get you there. We produce content pages and MLS pages for your website. Content optimized for the proper keywords and area your selling property. MLS is more difficult to rank because of control. MLS is a 3rd party platform that is producing your listings. The MLS is not governed by us so changing information to produce rankings can be a chore. There are many techniques that have to be performed to create the correct strategy. I'm listing a few here. A consultation will show you exactly how the plan works. It's presented in an easy to understand format so there is no confusion.

SEO for real estate IDX website,real estate seo solutions

We also offer real estate websites with SEO pre-installed on our sites. This means when your site is delivered every page will be optimized with your content or ours. The proper keywords and complete SEO structure that will immediately rank online and receive traffic. Our real estate websites have the IDX built into the platform. This gives up the ability to change how the MLS is presented to the search engines. We RANK the MLS with awesome results. 85%-95% (this value is taken from past and present client reports)of your money keyword phrases rank on page 1 and 2 of Google. Our SEO is powerful because of our knowledge for real estate SEO and our websites. SEO is only as strong as the website platform its installed on.( Our main service has always been SEO but after hearing from our clients about website issues,we decided that this would be a great option to offer to our clients.)(After all a website without SEO is just a pretty picture online.)

Our real estate websites are a cut above the rest. NOT a WORD PRESS site. Our websites are a real estate website platform built for real estate companies only. This makes our SEO even more powerful because we can do anything required and not be held back by the platform. This hinders many SEO companies. Not us using our websites. Now if you don’t have our website, our SEO is still awesome but not as much without our websites. After all, would you put a Porsche engine in a Miata?

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A lot of real estate websites are built on Word Press platform along with millions of regular websites that have nothing to do with real estate. They are not built primarily for real estate industry. When it comes to the MLS which is your bread and butter it falls very short. The MLS is installed with a frame. A frame will give you absolute zero control over how the MLS is viewed on the search engines. Our biggest feature is the fact that we rank the MLS. A frame is just a hit and a miss with any SEO company. You can’t optimize the MLS if you can’t change the settings. Your content is easily optimized but you have hundreds of MLS pages and without optimization they want rank as well. You have about a 20%-30% chance of your MLS pages ranking when you have a frame. Why would you want to give up 70%-80% of your listings? You wouldn't so don't get talked into buying a real estate website that is using word press. They aren't built for the Real Estate industry. Yes, I know there cheap and you know the saying "you get what you pay for".


We have up to date proof (2016) of how our SEO will work on your website. All consultation are free forever. We don’t charge by the keyword like the competition. This allows us to to add hundreds of keywords without adding to the price. We produce monthly reports for our clients on all work performed that's easily understood. No technical data to sift through. Check out the rest of our site. There are articles and pages with informative information about our services. We offer value that's backed up by performance with our services. We are a no bulls%#*& company. We deliver what we preach, you won't find a better value," apples to apples" than our service. All services comply with Google TOS and are considered "white hat SEO". With our 10 years of SEO experience and specializing in Real Estate industry we are the SEO company for you. We guarantee positive performance or we will fire ourselves.
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Real Estate Websites and SEO Services

SEO Service Plans

These plans cover everything but
the kitchen sink. Increase keyword
visibility, increase traffic,social
media, advertising, link building, branding
search engine submission, video advertising,
social media branding and links.
These plans are best suited for agents
that can handle many leads and have a
base already established.

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Back Link Service

Back links are needed to
increase value to your site. The more
high quality links pointing to your site
lets search engines know that your website
has Authority. You need high quality links
not low quality links like the ones sold by
scammers. Our back links are from real estate
industry only with a Domain Authority of 40+

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Social Media Services

Social media is needed to
get your brand found in the
social circles. This is a must
for Realtors® so clients can have
a good idea as to what kind of
agent you are and whether or not
they would won’t you selling or
buying a house for them.

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Maintenance Service

We offer 3 maintenance plans
1.Broken links-Google algorithm updates,
Making sure the site is working properly.
2.Same as above but includes maintaining
your keywords and adding more.
3.Same as the first 2 plus adding back links
These are needed to show Google and
other search engines your value.
(keeps your rankings moving up and staying there.)
All Maintenance Programs come with a Monthly report
so you can see how your site is progressing in
ratings and rankings.

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Search Engine Submission Plans

With thousands of search engines
You will want to submit to as many
as possible.We submit to 900+ twice
a month(Not to Google)It’s important
for Realtors® to have their sites visible
in as many search engines as possible.
Many people are moving here from
other countries.
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Real Estate Websites

All sites have IDX built-in
SEO-CRM-URL Friendly
MLS pages are optimized
Lead Capture Portal
Social Media Links
Back-end Dashboard
User Friendly Editor Box
Many Standard Features

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“I started working with Chris from Web Design & SEO of Carolinas after spending a lot of money on new designs, SEO services, Facebook Ads, and AdWords. When I was told the best thing to do was AdWords, I knew I had to find someone willing to think outside of the box and do what he/she says they will do. I found that person in Chris, I have a plan which includes retiring and working on a referral basis only, but if all my websites, Facebook Ads, and AdWords did not bring in business while I am working hard at it, how could that work for retirement? Chris did a complete analysis of my website and found many things that prevented my website from working like it should. He had to completely tear it down and start over from scratch. He has asked my opinion at every step of the way so it was my website, not his. Some of my ideas did not pan out and had to be discarded but he was able to break it down, so I understood why it did not work and where to go next. I knew we were on the right track when one month into the process I received a phone call from a buyer in Florida about a subdivision that I had never considered marketing and when I asked him how he found me, he said he Googled the subdivision and found me. After a couple of offers that did not work out because we knew the property would not appraise and the agent said they wanted that price to bring the values up in the subdivision, we moved on to another property. Long story short the next property did work and it worked out in spite of a low appraisal, that had to be renegotiated. I highly recommend Chris, he is a hard worker and as long as the Realtor gets the information he needs on a timely basis, he can do a great job for you.” 5-28-2016 Barbara Reeves

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Barbara from Mobile, Al

“Thank you Chris for your awesome support and the work you gave me. Your support response is always fast and dead on for identifying problems. Keep up the good work.”

Real Estate Web Design
Andrea from Atlanta, Ga

“Chris and his team have provided me with years of awesome service, keep up the great work.”

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Tom from Panama City Beach, Fl

“All I can say is that these guys are awesome and if you get a chance to use them, you want go wrong. This guys back up everything they say and provide excellent support for there products.”

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Dillon from Columbia, SC

“I want to thank Chris and his company for there awesome work and all the help they gave me. I would not have made my project work with out them. I will be getting in touch soon for my next project. Keep up the good work guys!!” 5-19-2015

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Toni from Miami, Fl

“I have found Chris to be well-informed and passionate about his craft – SEO! Just the other day, he made a few tweaks on my real estate site with his always-increasing knowledge and arsenal of tools and BAM – I saw an immediate rise of site visitors over the next few days. One thing he taught me is this – You must learn to think like a robot (Google bot). Thanks, Chris.” ~Charlotte NC REALTOR®

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Roger from Charlotte, NC