About Us

Welcome to our website. I started in 1993 as a real estate investor and like many went down in the crash of 2008. Rebuilding was tough, I was doing many different jobs at the same time to make ends meet at that time. Building websites and SEO services being hobbies of mine were now full time work.

OUR SEO Knowledge
My knowledge of SEO has grown over the years from trial and error starting back in the early 90’s it was very different compared to today. I started out reading all the info I could get my hands on and after many months of total failure I started at the bottom with one technique and built from there. After years of trials and many errors I came to the assumption that 95% of info online about SEO was just a lie. Now if you did the opposite or close to it, that usually worked. So everything I use has been tested many times and it works every time. Now today with Google algorithms changing daily it keeps us very busy testing new solutions for today’s SEO. Today we collect lots of data and analysis daily to guide us in the direction of Google supremacy.

More About Us
Here in 2017 I’m servicing real estate clients in a different prospective. It’s funny how things come full circle. But here we are once again. With my real estate experience this gives me the ability to know what my clients are needing from my company and to provide it for them.
You will see that we advertise our company a little differently than our competitors. After all we are different than our competitors. We offer a better product and a better price that we stand by. (Our fees are based on data pages not how many keywords we rank you for, our competition charges by the keywords) We are a no Bull#%*S*%# company and we only offer what we have proved to be accurate and will work time after time.
Our business is located in Longs, SC, right outside of N. Myrtle Beach, S.C.
We have been working on websites and offering SEO services for over 11 years and counting.

Update 2017- With the economy being one of the major factors in all business decisions. We opened another site to specialize in Real Estate Industry called Real Estate SEO Service and has been open for 2 years .

Thanks for reading this.