Real Estate Websites-Know Your Market

Real Estate Websites-Know Your Market

Real estate websites are a large investment and will return a sizable ROI. The biggest problem with real estate websites would be the shadow that looms over them. This shadow can easily be disbursed by having firsthand knowledge of the process. When you purchase a real estate website you are getting a platform that houses your MLS, your content, photos, and other miscellaneous items. What most buyers do not know or do not have the full picture of, websites require SEO. The website company will tell you that the site is SEO ready. But what they are telling you or implying is that it’s ready for SEO to be installed.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of formatting your content with keywords to make the search engines display that page in their search engine. The proper keywords must be found for the content that will be displayed on said page. Once the keywords are analyzed and content can be written about the keywords. The entire website must be optimized for every page that will be displayed. This involves every bit of script, navigation, links, titles, headings, everything must be connected correctly so the search engines will approve pages.
Once the setup is completed, your site will start showing up in the search engines. Each page has keywords for that page, those keywords are searchable in the search engines. This is what we look for in the search engines to find the position or rank. Once the keyword is found then you’re in a holding pattern to see if the keyword moves up in position or moves down. Keyword can be tweaked depending on the position.
Now while we’re waiting for the keywords to season, we move on to different aspects of SEO. Now, we start submitting a different variety of links. This enables the URL to get saturated in the search engines. This is a time-consuming job and cannot be rushed. The quality of links is very important and the higher-quality the longer it takes to acquire the link. Submitting your information to search engines is also a good choice. There are thousands of search engines besides Google. You don’t need to submit to Google but the other thousands of search engines you do. We recommend social media platforms Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram becoming popular. It is very important to establish your brand on the social media platforms. This is the most time-consuming portion of SEO and takes the clients to be hands-on.
Your rankings or the position of your keywords is an ongoing job. Keywords require constant tweaking to keep them adjusted to the Google algorithms and for moving up in rank. Once they have achieved the top position you must keep them there. This is performed by having links with the same text as the keyword linking back to the website. That is called back linking.
The making of videos with a back link going to your website or having the video on your website is always a plus. Videos rank very high on search engines very quickly. Today’s clients would rather watch a video then read content. Your video needs to be of a decent quality doesn’t have to be movie star quality. Having the proper information in the description for the video is extremely important.
Having text advertisement with back links going to your website is very helpful. There are many newspaper and advertising sites online. Most of these are free and should be used heavily. Make sure that any type of text that you put anywhere links back to your website. When I say link back to your website this does not mean the homepage every time. Whatever the text is talking about the link should be linked to a page that best describes or relevant for that text. That is part of link optimization.
Traffic to your website originates from your keywords ranking in the search engines. The more keywords you have ranking in top pages the more visibility you will acquire. Visibility will turn into traffic. Traffic will come and go to your website so you must make very sure that your website is at 100% working condition always. Anytime a prospective client comes to your website and something goes wrong you probably lost that client. They may also tell other people not to go to your website because they had an issue there. If you have been working your social media platforms correctly and have your brand name highly exposed online and in social circles your traffic will start converting into leads. Everything that I have mentioned above will be required and more. There are many details that I have not touched on simply because SEO companies do things differently per company.
I have given you a very good outline as to what is needed and expected to obtain leads from traffic. Every area of the United States is different and the keywords for that area are different for every website. SEO is an ongoing job and cannot be task to fit into a week or one month. It is ongoing in a monthly fashion and depending on your website you should be able to see excellent results within 6 to 9 months. You will be seeing results after the second month from installation. At this point it depends on how aggressive of an SEO plan that you purchased. SEO plans are not cheap, they require a lot of work to be performed and improved on every month. Without SEO, your website will just be a pretty picture online.

Web design and SEO of Carolinas sales real estate websites with SEO installed for your content. The SEO optimization of the website will show up in search engines for the keyword phrases. How high of a position in rank no one can tell you.
I always recommend that you start out with a maintenance plan for keywords and after you see the progress there you can decide if you want to spend more money. This is the best avenue to go down without breaking the bank. Our maintenance plans include an SEO plan for your website that you can follow on your own. I hope this article has given you more enlightenment about what to expect when you purchase a real estate website.
There are different platforms of real estate websites. There are cheap ones, medium priced and very expensive. The websites that I sell would be considered medium priced but work just like the expensive ones. A Word Press would be considered cheap. Word Press websites for real estate have a frame installed for IDX. This means no control over the MLS and the viewing. Our websites have the IDX built into the platform. We have 90% control over how its viewed. This allows us to optimize the MLS and rank listings in the search engines. This you want because this is your money. We use MLS listings as one of our biggest features because the listings are ranking. That means money in your pocket.
All websites that we sell come with SEO completely installed on every site. To this date, we are the only company offering real estate websites with SEO installed. We have been in the SEO business for over 10 years and specializing in real estate websites for the last two years.
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Owning a Real Estate Website

What Realtors® Should Know about
Owning a Real Estate Website

A real estate website is an awesome tool to advertise your real estate listings. When you purchase your website and you have the MLS installed with your content and it’s delivered to you, in your mind its finished and should now start making money.
This is where most Realtors® start having issues. When you get that website it’s just going to be a pretty picture on the Internet with multiple pictures on it and listings of houses. If someone finds you it will be because they know your URL address or they know you. They will not be able to find it for the topics or subjects in the website.
To most Realtors® this is where all the confusion begins. Your website is functioning just like it is supposed to but it is lacking an important ingredient that is required. When you purchased the website, you did not pay for this extra ingredient and it’s called SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a service or technique that is used to optimize content on all your pages pertaining to the keyword or keywords for that page. Website companies do not offer SEO with their websites. They will tell you that they are SEO optimized but what they are implying is that they are ready for SEO.

Owning a Real Estate Website
At this stage of the game if you do not know what SEO stood for or what it does then you are missing out. You should have consulted with an SEO company before you ever bought your website. These are the guys that will steer you in the right direction from the very beginning starting with your URL. It’s like building a house if the foundation is not correct then everything else in the house will have problems.
A lot of realtors will have the URL as their name. It is fine to have your name as your brand but you would never want your name as the URL. No one knows your name and you want the URL to be a keyword phrase that someone would type into the address bar to look for your website in searching for a house. The whole idea of having a website is that people will find you and look at your listings. The only way you would use your name as a URL is if everyone already knew your name.
SEO is very expensive and has a setup fee and then moves to a monthly fee. The setup fees are reasonable and the monthly fees over time can be considered expensive. The reason why there must be monthly fees is because once everything is set up the additional services are ongoing. No one service can be completed in a month and then it’s done forever. The reason for this is because Google algorithms change on a daily basis and the work being performed usually has to be tweaked to adjust to Google algorithms.

Owning a Real Estate Website
We recommend starting with Ranking and Traffic plan for your website and move forward from there. Understanding that it will take you 6-9 months to get your website generating enough leads for ROI. Over this period of time you should be constantly moving forward with your SEO plan. During this time, you will be getting leads from your website but it will probably be sporadic at best. One or two sales from your website could net you all the money you’ve invested at this point. So, A website is definitely worth the investment it just depends on how aggressive and how much money you can afford per month.
To summarize everything, real estate websites are an awesome investment but require knowledge and guidance. Our real estate websites come with our SEO installed and optimized with your content. No monthly plans are required but as we said above to excel to the top, a plan would be needed.
Just a note here for everyone when searching the competition always ask for a guarantee. Here’s why, this separates the REAL SEO companies from the Fakes and wannabes.
The Only guarantee we can give you would be a performance guarantee. Meaning that every month when you get a report it will be better than the last one. We rely on Google and we don’t control or have any manuals or newsletters coming from Google telling us what to expect this month. All keywords are different in every area and react differently.
Performance guarantee is all we offer and all anyone in this business will offer. This would be all that’s offered on the service.
If someone guarantees getting you on page 1 of Google run for your life!!!!!

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