SEO 2017

SEO 2017


SEO has become a dirty word for a lot of website owners. Search engines have been progressing forward in leaps and bounds headed by Google as the leader. These changes did not happen overnight, they have been progressing since 2013 and possibly earlier. So it’s not like we just woke up one day and all of these newfound changes are here. Google has been posturing for quite some time now showing us the direction in which they were headed. Some of us listened and the majority did not. The majority of website owners are still dumbfounded as to the direction that Google and other search engines are headed.

Let’s break this down as to who is affected and the ones that aren’t. Once again the almighty dollar has come into play to achieve rankings. Online companies with deep pockets are not affected. They have the money to pay for marketing. Now, for all of us website owners that have to work hard every day for our money are the ones affected by these new changes. Is the American dream for business owners without deep pockets dead?

No the dream is not dead, but the road getting there will probably be bumpy. Website owners still very much need SEO companies but there is a catch. All website owners will need to be very savvy in their selection of an SEO company. Here is the reason why. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are now more united than ever. The SEO companies that only know how to rank keywords are now a thing of the past. What was working at the beginning of 2016 and before doesn’t work the same in 2017. My suggestion for finding a qualified SEO company will go something like this. Ask to see ranking reports of their past and present clients. All qualified SEO companies will have these reports and gladly show them to you and explain their details. Do not accept reports that show traffic. Here’s why, 95% or higher uses Google analytics for traffic reporting. If the account has not had the proper filters put in place the report will be flawed by as much as 25% to 40%. Until the filters are put on the analytic account the account will show a large amount of spam usually from other countries that are attaching to their URL. This is very common but can also be used to show traffic that isn’t real. For this reason alone do not accept an analytic report as to the quality of the SEO companies experience.

These ranking reports are produced in a time frame. For this reason the SEO company will be able to show you when they started with the client and the progression of rankings that they achieved for that client. What you can expect to see is positive performance from month-to-month. That is all any legitimate SEO firm will guarantee with a few small exceptions.

The suggestions that I have given you will give you the best response in hiring the right company for you. The reason why SEO has been given such a bad rap is because there are way too many amateurs claiming to be professionals. Out of all the companies that claim to be SEO experts only about 10% truly are experts. Now that you have some new weapons in your arsenal you will be much more prepared in selecting the right SEO firm. Now let me get back on topic.

If you will take a couple of search term keywords that you are trying to rank for, an Google them you should be able to see a difference in the search results. If you have been keeping up with your rankings for your website you should have an idea of what companies have been populating the first and second page. You should be seeing companies that have dominated these pages starting to fall back to page 3 or four.

The big dogs in your industry will always be there because of their deep pockets. What this means for you is that you will have to be very savvy on how you spend your money so that you can get the best bang your buck. The direction that Google and other search engines are headed would be to provide better informative search results. Let me mention a few other search engines before we move too much ahead of ourselves. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Insta-gram, LinkedIn, YouTube to just name a few. These are the main search engines that you should target.

What you should be seeing depending on your industry is that the ads are geared towards reviews and quality information about the search term. What you will see fading from these results will be ads advertising products or services directly. All of us have noticed over the last year or two how are meta-descriptions have shown up in the results partially or information taken directly from URL listed. This is why Google did not just drop this in our lap overnight.

seo company, seo experts,seo company, seo experts Google has been showing us the way for quite some time. Your meta-title and meta-description have always been character limited and they still are for the website owner but not for Google. I have seen ads where Google pulled the information from the website that have over 300 to 500 characters in the description. When the meta-description are filled out your limited to 150-175 characters for that box. If the Google bot finds data that it likes you can bet that it’s going to be displayed.( see photo above) As site owners we cannot place that much description in the box if we want it to be seen. What I am leading up to here is that Google is looking for informative information about products and services. Yes I know you’re thinking right now that you have been doing just this but if you are not on page 1 or two then you have not been doing this correctly. What all of us website owners must do is re-think how we write our information to produce sales.

Write quality information describing your product and giving reviews about what people are saying pertaining to your product. “Leave the sales pitch out of the information that you want to show up online.” It’s okay to have the sales pitch on your website or the page. Do not place it in your meta-boxes or title. This is what 95% of us have been doing for years. Now that must “stop” if we want to rank higher for our search terms. This is not a hard concept to grasp, it takes a little bit of rethinking how the search engines are ranking keyword terms in 2017. The proper SEO for websites and optimization of pages are still the same. This data must be improved on all pages that you want to rank in the search engines. Let me clarify that if you are using PPC you can place the ad any way that you want because you are paying for it. For those of us that are trying use the organic method of ranking this information is for you.


I hope that this article has given you a better look as to how the search engines are moving forward in online marketing. Pay to play is the new theme and will only increase as time goes by. Deep pockets will prevail and those of us with our pockets half-full or less will have to be very savvy with our funds in order to succeed in this online market place. SEO is an investment for all website owners that will bring you value down the road. Investing in your website should always be your main goal. Be smart when choosing an SEO company, there are many fakes and amateurs out there that will take your money and deliver nothing. Check out our information and give us a call to discuss your plans to success.

Please check back for more informative information about SEO and the road going forward.

Kris Kartopolous