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Our support services are second to none. We offer support on all of our services and will never leave you hanging. SEO support services are made up of professional people in the industry that take our services to a different level. This is why we say we’re cut from a different cloth all together. We will work with you, hands on to make sure you understand your role in the development of your website and your SEO strategy. We give you direction on the things that need to be done on your part to help you succeed in any Industry. Our back ground in sales gives us the cutting edge that you need to move your company forward in this fast growing Internet market where the weak and timid get left behind.


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Support for Clients to Gain “Brand” Popularity Online

Our support team also gives you the tools to market your “Brand”, so clients coming to your website know that you can handle any deal that comes your way. This is very important for seasoned clients or “newbies”. Just having rankings and awesome traffic doesn’t guarantee leads. A qualified Brand does get more leads. Your clients must know your an awesome company as well.

Example; Sears has been around for a  long time. You buy products from Sears based on the name alone without question. That’s confidence in the “Brand”. A website owner is no different. Branding the company is usually the most forgotten aspect of acquiring leads. There are millions of websites and all websites are different in there abilities. For this reason alone Branding your business is required to achieve success in the market place. Your “Brand” has to be as popular as Sears but in your local area.

We can help Brand your business which will generate leads on a daily basis. Selling a product or service requires confidence in your brand.They want the best company for the job and must be assured that you are the right company for them. Having a qualified Brand establishes confidence for your clients. We give you the knowledge and working plan for this “FREE” to promote yourself to the world to establish yourself as the SEASONED business.  This is part of support for our clients and customers.


Why would I need this support other
than something breaking down?

If your wondering why you would need such an awesome support team the answer is……. All sites are not black and white and sometimes the client may not have the reputation needed to back up all the great work that we deliver. For these situation and many others you need a support team that can resolve any issue that comes their way and be able to offer solutions not excuses. With our team we can handle any obstacle that comes our way and resolve it for you. No worries! We Brand your website, but sometimes there are obstacles in the way that need to be dealt with. For these extra issues we are here for you and will do all we can to keep you moving forward. Customer Satisfaction is OUR Goal!


Programs and Companies that Contribute
to our Support Team!

We use Advanced Web Ranking for our primary platform for reporting to our clients. Also we use MOZ and SEM Rush for monitoring our clients websites and a few other technical details. We have their complete support team at our disposal if we ever need it.
Keeping up with links and maintaining a good site health is very important in today’s websites and for that we have enlisted Majestic for those details and reporting. After all we know websites have to have links in order to rank and what better way to keep up with all those links than Majestic and their support team. Our websites are maintained by us but if one does break down we have the support team at Dynamic IDX to help with anything that requires their service. Our services are separate from Dynamic IDX, all services and support are included in your package as specified. If you want something added that we don’t supply then their would be a separate charge for that.

***You can not order a Website through Dynamic IDX and Get our LOW price with SEO installed. You can order from Dynamic IDX and then send us the website to install SEO. BUT, that’s the whole point of us selling the website is to save you the “Customer” money. By buying from us we’re saving you around $1000 depending on the size of your website. Reason we can save you this much is that we receive the website blank and we install everything from scratch. When the customer brings us the website we have to charge to remove, restructure, reset pages, move navigation. That fee turns into a lot of labor and more depending on the size of the website. Now you should be able to see why its cheaper to buy the website from us. ***We take a blank website and build it from the ground up with your Content and our SEO structure.


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