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Website builders with lead capture system and much more integrated into all of our sites.  Here you will find valuable information on websites for businesses of all industries. Our websites are geared for maximum traffic generation. These websites are created specifically for your industry. Using our top notch Website Builders, we have put together some great Web Designs and set ups only available by this company. You will see that from Web Design and Hosting to Lead Capture Systems we have it all to make life easier for you! Guaranteed we will get you the most bang for your buck at an incredible rate that you have never seen before! All of our websites are 100% Google friendly and Mobile friendly. List of all features

Content Management Systems

Word Press is the one you will probably recognize out of the 30+ systems. Our Platform is similar by the fact that its a CMS website, but geared towards leads and sales generation. One of the many features within the website platform is a very user-friendly editor box at your disposal. Everything can be managed from within the back-end dashboard. Although our platform is similar to a WP platform it is different for many different reasons. First it’s built with all the plugins integrated into the platform. This makes it Unique for this one reason. The second reason would have to be that it cost the same as a wp site when you add hosting to the price.  All of these features are crafted by our experienced website builders.

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Content Management System

Website Builders Features

Back-end Dashboard

content management system,mobile responsive IDX real estate websites,real estate IDX system


Page Builder and Editor Box

real estate website builder,content management system,mobile responsive IDX real estate websites,real estate IDX system


Lead Capture System

Lead Capture System collects the emails and stores them in a organized format that can be customized to fit your taste.
Lead Capture would be one of the most prominent features. For businesses with a large employee base our websites are designed to handle as many emplyees as you have on your team. The first 5 employees come with the plan and we charge a modest fee per employee over 5 employees. If your business requires extra categories that need to be kept separate we have you covered, every employee can have there own department and will email them directly by use of a sub-domain. Each employee will also be able to write blogs and distribute their own listings through the blog if they choose. This is a great concept for companies with a Team of employees for different departments.(starting prices here)Our Lead Capture System has stood the test of time over most Lead Capture setups in the sense that we work to maximize your results and to maximize retention of clients. More features for lead capture system would be third-party sync(CRM), email text notifier, agent routing, lead source tracking.

  Lead Capture System is highly important to the success of your company. All professionals are in need of leads but aren’t always sure of the effective strategies to organize and distribute them. With our Lead Capture System, you have the ability to spread out your leads to your departments effectively across the board and quickly. We use the resources of our knowledge and experience to help you get the tools you need to gain lasting success in this industry.

A very effective system for agents and broker alike. More Info

  Mobile Responsive Websites

A must have in today’s market with so many different devices being used.
Our websites can be viewed with crystal clarity from any device
manufactured in today’s mobile industry.

Mobile Web Site Design for All Devices

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All of our Websites are located on our OWN Dedicated Servers and Monitored 24/7 to insure your Website is running at 100% at all Times.

SEO Friendly URLs           Friendly         not friendly

The keyword to rank for would be website builders

The unfriendly URL has the word websites between the root and the sub-domain which causes a break in the SEO. It would still rank over time but time is the enemy in SEO. This is caused by folders that usually can be removed.

High Speeds

Our platform has some of the highest speeds around for a website. The average speed is between 80-100 score. The more pages the slower the site will load but still should fall within the range we quoted.  Our websites are very different than ordinary CMS websites and you should use a website company or SEO company that specializes in websites.

Design Themes

All of our designs are professional designs for today’s businesses. We have custom designs by our experienced designers of 10-15 years. We just need an idea from you on your mission statement or design ideas and leave the rest to the designers.

content management system,mobile responsive IDX real estate websites,real estate IDX system

Design Layouts are moderately priced but still look likes you paid a fortune for the website.

content management system,mobile responsive IDX real estate websites,real estate IDX system

Social Media Buttons

We have social media integrated into the platform so that all you will need to do is connect your account to the appropriate social media account.

Blog Post

Each site comes equipped with RSS feed capability and blog posting for blogs.


There are dozen of features not listed(list of all features) but these are the most important ones. There all installed in this powerful website platform. This is why as an SEO company we chose this website platform to install our SEO. The platform can be customized to meet our specification without settling for that’s the best we can do because the platform want do any more. This website platform performs at 100% for us and our SEO, and we will show illustrations of that on the following pages. All of our websites come with SEO fully installed. Optimized for your content and  keywords. Once your site is delivered your ready to receive traffic and keywords will start showing up in the search engines. No extra service required but recommended for optimal performance to gain page 1 and 2 on Google search engines. Your site has been optimized to rank and attract traffic through ranking. All your important money keywords have been installed and are working fine. For more information on adding more keywords and increasing your rank please call or email us. We have plans for all budgets and every plan comes with a SEO plan custom built for you and your website.

Please if you have any questions give us a call and we will do our best to answer them for you.


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